Building & Managing A Business: A Legal Perspective by Vakilsearch

Building & Managing A Business: A Legal Perspective


Vakilsearch, India's largest online legal services company, helps first-time entrepreneurs pick the correct business type, know which tax registrations they need, understand the importance of protecting intellectual property and learn the basics of fundraising.

What's included?

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1 min
How to Start a Business
Comparing Business Structures
3 mins
Partner, Director or Proprietor? A Free e-Book
1.14 MB
Procedure for Registration
2 mins
Sample Documents Required to Register a Company/LLP
3.92 MB
Starting a Business in India. Quiz #1.
How to Protect Your Intellectual Property
How To Protect Your Brand
4 mins
How To Protect Your Content
3 mins
How To Protect Your Invention
3 mins
How To Protect Your Business Idea
4 mins
Trademark Rejection
177 KB
Protecting Your IP. Quiz #2
Tax Registrations for Indian Businesses
Running a Tax Compliant Business in India
3 mins
Goods & Services Tax: A Journey
424 KB
Taxes for Indian Businesses. Quiz #3.
Legal Documentation: An Overview
Documentation for Businesses
How To Avoid Disputes With Employees?
2 mins
Legal Templates
Documentation. Quiz #4.
Fundraising for Startups
Can Startups Get Bank Loans?
3 mins
Framing Your Business Plan
5 mins
Closing A Company
Winding Up Of a Private Limited Company
5 mins